Termini e condizioni


Pursuant to Legislative Decree 206/2005 Consumption Code, tourist packages refer to travel, holidays and all-inclusive circuits resulting from the predetermined combination of at least two of the items listed below, sold or offered for sale at a flat rate , And lasting more than 24 hours, ie extending for a period of at least one night:

  • A) Transport;
  • B) Accommodation;
  • C) Non-transport services or accommodation, which constitute a significant part of the "tourist package".



The contract for the purchase of a tourist package is governed, in addition to the present general conditions, by the clauses indicated in the travel documents delivered to the consumer. This contract, whether it is for services provided on national territory or abroad, will also be governed by the provisions of Law 27/12/1977 No. 1084 on the ratification and enforcement of the International Convention on the Contract of Travel (CCV) signed in Brussels on 23/04/1970, as well as by the aforementioned Legislative Decree 206/2005.



Let's Visit Network snc, in the offer of the travel organized to the client, will provide a technical sheet which will show, among other things: - the estimate of the administrative permission of Let's Visit Network snc; - Extras of the civil liability insurance policy.



The reservation request may be made upon acceptance by the consumer of these general conditions. Acceptance of reservations is subject to payment, resulting in the conclusion of the contract, when Let's Visit Network will also send vouchers via a telematic system. The tourist package notices contained in the notes and details of the offer or other means of communication will be provided or indicated in the relevant travel documents by Let's Visit Network snc in order to comply with the obligations assumed to D.Lgs. 206/2005 in good time before the start of the trip. Let's Visit Network snc reserves the right to not travel if the minimum number of participants possibly listed in the catalog and / or quote (unless otherwise agreed by the parties) is reached, informing the traveler in writing at least 10 days Of notice with respect to the expected start date of the trip.



For travel, reservations, purchase of packages and / or products, the customer must pay the entire amount due upon booking confirmation. Failure to pay the sums mentioned above constitutes a contract termination clause, by Let's Visit Network snc.e / or the intermediary agency.



The price of the tourist package and / or the travel and / or the touristic and / or tourist services individually considered are indicated for each offer and in the "booking" form. Other charges borne by the traveler will always be specified in the accessories item, notes and details of the offer. The price of the tourist package may be varied up to 20 days prior to departure and only as a result of the variations of:

  • A) Transport costs, including the cost of fuel;
  • B) Fees and charges on certain types of tourist services such as taxes
  • C) Exchange rates applied to the package in question. For such variations, reference shall be made to the exchange rate and the above costs in force at the date of publication of the program as reported in the technical file attached to the offer.



1 The consumer may withdraw from the contract without any obligation under the following conditions:

  • - Increase of the price referred to in art. 6 in excess of 10%;
  • - Significantly modifies one or more elements of the contract objectively configurable as fundamental to the enjoyment of the tourist package as a whole considered and proposed by the organizer after the conclusion of the contract but before the departure and not accepted by the consumer.

2 In the above cases, the consumer may alternatively have the right:

  • - To take advantage of an alternative tourist package, without a price charge or with the return of the price surplus, if the second tourist package is less than the first;
  • - The refund of the only part of the price already paid.

3 The consumer must give notice of his decision (to accept the modification or withdraw) within and not more than two business days from the time he received the notice of increase or modification. In the absence of express communication within the aforementioned term, the proposal made by Let's Visit Network snc is understood to be accepted in all respects.

4 No refund will be paid to the customer in the following cases:

  • - Failure to submit to the places and / or facilities and / or operators involved in the tourist offer purchased on the day of the beginning of the tourist offer purchased without prior communication from Let's Visit Network snc
  • - Voluntary interruption of travel;
  • - It is impossible to travel because of the lack of or irregularity of the documents necessary to be able to travel to the places purchased by the tourist offer or any other fulfillment necessary for the journey;

5 In the cases described in the previous point 4, the client is required to pay, as a consideration for the withdrawal under art.1373 III, subsection cc, as further specified, to be calculated on the total amount of the package (calendar days excluding the withdrawal, Which communication must arrive on a business day prior to the start of the journey):

  • A) Withdrawal up to 31 days before the start of the trip; 25% on the total amount;
  • B) 30 to 21 days before the start of the trip, 50% of the total amount withdrawn;
  • C) 20 to 11 days before departure: 75% of the total amount;
  • D) Cancellation within 10 days before departure: 100% of the total amount.

The penalties specified above will have to be added to the cost of the customer.



If, prior to departure, Let's Visit Network snc notify its impossibility of providing the services of the tourist package, the Consumer may exercise the rights referred to in art. 92 of Legislative Decree 206/2005, provided that the annulment does not depend on the fact that he is accountable to him.



Before the departure the operator can significantly change one or more essential elements of the contract by giving immediate notice to the consumer by indicating the type of change.



Let's Visit Network snc, if after the departure is unable to provide for any reason, except for a fact of the Consumer, an essential part of the contract, it will have to provide alternative solutions without consumer price supplements and if the benefits Provided they are of lower value than those provided, compensated to an extent equal to that difference.



The relinquishing customer may be replaced by another person if:

  • 1. Let's Visit Network snc be informed in writing at least 5 working days before the date set for departure, receiving at the same time notice of the generality of the transferee;
  • 2. The substitute fulfills all the conditions for the use of the service (ex art.89 d.lgs.206 / 05) and in particular the requirements relating to the passport, visas and health certificates;
  • 3. The subscriber will refund to Let's Visit Network all the expenses incurred to make the replacement in the amount that will be quantified before the sale. The transferor and the transferee are also jointly liable for the payment of the balance of the price as well as the amounts mentioned in n. 3) of this Article. In relation to certain types of services, a third party service provider may not accept the change of the name of the transferee, even if made within the above deadline. Let's Visit Network snc will not be responsible for any failure to accept modification by third party service providers. Such non-acceptance will be promptly communicated by Let's Visit Network snc to interested parties before departure.



Participants must be provided with individual passport or other valid passport for all places touched by the itinerary, as well as residence and transit visas and health certificates that may be required. They shall also observe the rules of normal prudence and diligence, all the information provided by Let's Visit Network snc, as well as the regulations and administrative or legislative provisions relating to the tourist package. Participants will be called upon to respond to any damages that Let's Visit Network snc would suffer as a result of their default to overvalued bonds. The consumer is required to provide Let's Visit Network snc with all the documents, information, and information in its possession useful for the exercise of the surrogate right of the latter against third parties responsible for the damage and is liable towards Let's Visit Network Of the injury caused to the right of surrogacy. The Consumer will also communicate in writing to Let's Visit Network snc, at the time of booking, those particulars that may possibly be subject to specific arrangements on the travel arrangements, provided that it is possible to implement it.



The official classification of hotel structures is provided only if it is expressly and formally indicated by the competent authorities of the country where the service is provided, in the absence of official classifications recognized by the competent public authorities of the countries also members of the EEC, Service refers, is stability from Let's Visit Network snc based on its quality assessment criteria.



  • 1) Let's Visit Network snc is the organizer of the package or the single tourist service, in the case of failure or inaccurate execution depending on its own fault, and shall in no case be liable for damages of any kind if the default Or mismanagement of the contract is attributable to the client, to a third party to the provision of the contract's provision, for reasons of force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances or circumstances that the organizer could not reasonably foresee or resolve according to professional diligence . Let's Visit Network snc will in no case be liable for any damages: a) resulting from the failure of the client to report or advise the agent or tour guide or tutor on site; B) arising from the provision of services provided by third parties and not forming part of the package or tourist service; C) arising from autonomous customer initiatives.
  • 2 Let's Visit Network snc, acting as a simple vendor of the package or of the single tourist service, shall in no case be liable for the obligations arising out of the organization of the journey, but only those arising out of its intermediary quality and in any case within the limits provided for by the laws in force.



Compensation due to Let's Visit Network snc can not in any case be higher than the indemnities provided for by international conventions with respect to the performance of which the failure to act has led to liability, both contractually and non-contractually, namely the Warsaw Convention of 1929 On international air transport in the amended text at Hague in 1955; The Bern Convention (CIV) on rail transport; The Paris Convention of 1962 on the liability of hoteliers, in the text referred to in Articles 178 and following c.c .; The Brussels Convention of 1970 (CCV) on the responsibility of Let's Visit Network snc. In any case, the limit for damages other than damage to the person may not exceed the amount of "5,000 Francs gold germinal for any other damage" provided for in art. 13 n. 2 CCV. If the original text of these conventions were to be amended or new international conventions concerning the benefits of the tourist package entered into force, the compensation limits provided for by the uniform legal provisions applicable at the time of the occurrence of the harmful event will apply.



Let's Visit Network snc is required to provide Customer Service measures imposed by the professional diligence criterion exclusively in relation to its obligations under law or contract. Let's Visit Network snc is not liable to Customer for breach by the Seller of its obligations to the Customer. The Customer acknowledges that all Let's Visit Network snc personnel have no representative power of the same and that therefore any statement of the personnel may in no way engage Let's Visit Network snc.



The Consumer under penalty of declination pursuant to Legislative Decree 206/2005 must file a complaint in writing to Let's Visit Network snc the inaccuracies and vices of the tourist package as well as the default of its organization or implementation, The same act of their occurrence in order to allow Let's Visit Network snc to provide timely and effective remedy. The Consumer may also file a complaint by registered mail within 10 days of the scheduled return to the departure location. The consumer may also file a complaint by sending a registered letter with a receipt, to Let's Visit Network snc or to the seller, within ten working days from the date of return to the departure location. If complaints are filed at the place of performance of the tourist services, Let's Visit Network snc must provide Customer with the assistance required by the art. 13 in order to seek a prompt and fair solution. Likewise, it will have to provide Let's Visit Network snc, even in the case of a complaint filed at the end of the services, guaranteeing in any case an urgent response to the demands of the consumer. Let's Visit Network snc reserves the right to protect its image at civil and criminal level in the event of complaints filed with it and circulated to the national press organs where it would ever appear that the same complaints are merely a speculative purpose.



Let's Visit Network snc in compliance with current regulations is provided by Europ Assistance with "r.c insurance policy. Organizers and travel brokers "n.9175058.

The price of each product, package, travel sold by Let's Visit Network snc and / or agency is included with a Europ Assistance medical / luggage insurance policy.



If not expressly included in the price, the customer is not insured against the costs of cancellation of the package, accidents and luggage. To do this, you will be able to make a suitable policy at Let's Visit Network snc, and you will also be able to enter into a service agreement covering the costs of repatriation in the event of an accident or illness.



For each controversy inherent or descending from the interpretation of the individual clauses and / or the performance of the services covered by the contract of sale of a tourist package or of the single tourist service shall exclusively be competent of the Forum of Asti (AT).



  • A) Contracts for the purpose of offering the only transport, accommodation or any other separate tourist service which can not be considered as a negotiation of a travel organization or a tourist package are governed by the following provisions of the CCV: Art.1, n.3 and n.6; Articles. 17 to 23; Articles. 24 to 31 as far as the forecasts other than those relating to the organization contract are concerned, as well as other arrangements specifically related to the sale of the single service contract
  • B) The following clauses of the general terms and conditions of the contract for the sale of tourist packages referred to above are also applicable to these contracts: Art.6, Art.10, Art.11, Art.12, Art.13, Art.14, Art. 15, art.16, art.17, art. 18, art.19. The application of these clauses does not absolutely determine the configuration of the related contracts as a package holiday event. The terminology of the aforementioned clauses relating to the tourist package contract (organization, travel, etc.) should therefore be understood with reference to the corresponding figures in the sales contract of individual tourist services (seller, stay, etc.).